LeRoy manages the New WestHome Team and is a licensed Manufactured Home Dealer.  He joined NewWest in 2004 and over the years has managed the construction of over 60 custom factory built homes and several community developments.  He began his career building custom homes in Malibu and has also managed the design and building of interiors and audio-visual systems for retail stores, control rooms, casinos, theaters, museums, private jets and luxury yachts.  LeRoy has assembled a capable, expert team that enjoys building beautiful, efficient homes and sustainable communities.




Louise manages our design process and oversees the home design from inception to completion.  Her company, New Spirit Homes, creates beautiful, comfortable homes that complement our customers’ lifestyles.  Louise joined the NewWest Team in 2008 and is the liaison between our customers and the factories, the architects and interior designers.  Louise has an art degree from UCSD and a PhD from Greenwich University.  She specializes in space planning, traffic-flow, feng shui and making the most effective use of internal and external space.



Pegi manages Superior Real Estate and our relations with manufactured home communities, helps our customers with loan approvals and is actively engaged in land acquisition for our modular projects.  Pegi joined the NewWest Team in 2006 and has been a real estate agent and broker since in 1994.  She holds licenses in Colorado, Minnesota and California and specializes in investor properties.




Jette directs and maintains our administrative systems for organization and efficiency, and oversees the project management for all our projects.  She’s been with NewWest since 2012 and is experienced in model homes, interior design, architectural drafting, and commercial and residential construction project management.  Jette has a Business and Marketing degree and a LEED Accreditation.




Cyrene is our videographer who magically etches our home building into a story for everyone to enjoy.   She is currently working with NewWest on a video series about our design/build processes, land development and also records the story of each beautiful home we build.  Cyrene also has experience in visual effects for film, live event production and live streaming events over the Internet. She has worked with Oscar-winning producers and directors and has been featured on prime-time and international networks.


Team Margaret


Margaret joined NewWest in 2014 as our bookkeeper.  She is the owner of Mars Bookkeeping Services and is an entrepreneur who has owned and managed four small businesses.  She is also a licensed Realtor since 2003, with experience in residential real estate, commercial leases and investment properties.





Geoffrey Collins (of Geoffrey Collins Living Designs) joined NewWest in 2014 as our architect. Geoffrey’s creativity and experience bring unique design solutions to make our customer’s dreams a reality while he provides the architectural services required by municipalities.  Geoffrey began his career with Mike Reynolds of Earthship fame and then worked with Frank Gehry and Associates.  Over the last 20 years he has designed and built dozens of homes and multi-family projects. Geoffrey’s passion is building organic spaces with spirit and working with customers to combine thoughtful aesthetics with green practicality.



Scott brings valuable experience and a business background, which is critical to project management and construction timeline execution to NewWestHomes. He applies an academic efficiency to ever changing on site project(s) and challenge(s). He also spearheads sales, marketing and community relations. Scott thoroughly enjoys solving the three dimensional construction puzzle and model. He is VP of Fundraising at Sumac Elementary L-STEM School in Agoura Hills.