Floor Plans and Design

Customizing standard factory floor plans is often a more inexpensive way to build your modular home.  We also have available custom floor plans that can expand the range of what is possible to better create your dreams.

We partner with a New Spirit Homes designer who specializes in drawing up a factory friendly floor plan, especially designed for your site plan requirements and personal lifestyle needs.

This process begins with gathering the appropriate information and any pictures or home designs that have inspired you.  We also can consult pictures from our current and past homes.


Factory Services

We represent factories located in Northern California, Arizona, and Southern California. Most factories prefer to build standardized floor plans that they provide, and minimal customization is available.

We have a relationship with Hallmark, which is located in the Redlands area, and they will build custom homes.  We can provide several different sample layouts/floor plans to show you the quality and possibilities of their work.

The IronTown factory located in San Francisco provides us with high end custom designs and options.


Concierge Services

We offer à la carte services that can make designing, delivering, and the setup of a custom home a breeze.

Our concierge can help you locate and secure installing customized options.

Some of our concierge managed services that can be included in a turn-key home are:

  • Custom Site Work and Planning
  • Custom Sheds
  • Custom Decks and Driveways
  • Custom Garages
  • Custom Landscaping and Patios
  • Custom Roofing
  • New Custom Carport and Overhangs with Skylights
  • Locate and Install Custom Appliances
  • Custom Flooring
  • Custom Milgard and Western Windows installed at the factory
  • Custom Skylights
  • Custom Countertops – Marble, Granite, Quartz
  • Custom Lighting and Electrical Options
  • Custom Italian Cabinets
  • Custom Fireplaces
  • Interior Design Services
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