NewWest has over a decade of success in delivering dream homes to our customers

Here’s how we do it

STEP ONE ::  Site Concept 

We regularly assist clients in finding suitable sites for their dream manufactured home or development.  Our in-house real-estate broker, Pegi Hope Cohen, can assist you in your search, and be your buyer’s representative.  We have a network of land realtors in most of Southern California (San Luis Obispo to San Diego). If you will require financing for your land purchase (or a combo land/build loan), we can start the pre-approval process even BEFORE you have settled on a property and help provide construction and mortgage financing.

After identifying your site we can develop a site plan to locate your home with proper setbacks and orientations that maximize views and assists ecological and utility factors.

  • Identify site location
  • Identify financing
  • Identify views, setbacks, utilities and ecological orientation


We will work with you to bring your dream home into focus with the reality of your site, look at a standard floor plan (or set up design services for a custom FP) and then begin the process of identifying costs and site challenges of your project so it can meet your personal style and green concerns, as well as budget needs.  We will design a home that meets all state and municipal requirements. 

We will review different factory options and quality issues and produce ball park home pricing and option considerations for the factory of your choice

  • Conceptual Site Design
  • Conceptual Home Design
  • Ballpark Budget
  • Delivery Access Assessment and Timeline


This phase results in a professional factory floor plan, elevations, sales order, and final pricing for delivery of your new home.   Upon your final approval, a production date will be set by the factory and we will give you an updated timeline for the delivery and installation of your home.

  • Professional factory Floor plan and all necessary documentation for final approval
  • Updated timeline for delivery and installation of your home
  • Park approval and local permits expedited


State of the art construction — Your home is built by trained factory personnel in less time, with less waste than traditional construction, and out of the elements in a state-of-the-art factory.

After the factory begins production we schedule one or two factory inspection visits depending on the complexity of the project.

Move out dates set and your lot will be cleaned and prepared for installation.

Factory production begins

Factory inspections scheduled

Lot prep and move/out dates set


When the home has passed inspection at the factory it is ready to be delivered to your site and installed on the foundation and site work that has been prepared.  A professional moving team is engaged to deliver the home and our waiting contractor’s crew helps with the set up and delivery.  Within a couple of days the marriage of the home sections is complete and finish work can begin on the exterior and interior of the home. 

Some of the installation work includes finishing siding that crosses marriage lines, finishing trim, molding, closing up interior drywall,building skirts to match the home and finishing paint, 

Utilities will be hooked up to the home as well as driveways poured and accessory structures built.

  • Home delivery
  • Home installation
  • Home finishing
  • Site prep and concrete poured as well as accessory structures built


Upon finish of the home,  you will take a thorough walk through with your project manager who remains available to answer any questions as you settle into your new home.  If there are service issues or manufacturer defects we will handle the paperwork and provide timely dates for fixing any  immediate issues.  After you have moved in for approximately 3 months (barring emergencies) we will return to help you compile a list of any other issues that need addressing and to make sure you are comfortable.   During your first year we will be available by email and phone for warranty issues.  After the first year we are still always here to help and give advice as needed.

  • Project walk thru/ answer questions list any challenges/complete projects
  • Assist with any warranty work or special needs
  • 3 month check up and complete issues
  • One year complete warranty assistance