NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund (NWREF)

A Ground Floor “Green Fund” Building Investment Portfolio

Are you looking for investment opportunities that offer the security of real estate, and the upside of being a developer? Want to join US, profitably, in the Greening of America?

We have created NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund (NWREF) as a vehicle to partner up with you and other people that are looking to invest, and choose greener and more efficient forms of housing as profitable investment products. 

The NewWest management and construction team includes: Superior Real Estate, NewWest Factory Homes, NewWest Construction and Eco-Designer Homes of California. We have been principals in the delivery and sale of Prefab housing since 2003 participating in the development of custom homes and communities. Our core management team has had a life long commitment to green housing, new models for community living, and an across the board passion for a better future for humanity and the earth. 

We have long been attracted to modern, intelligent, and gorgeous green design. The question we have asked ourselves is, “How can these designs be realized for the greater good? We are also interested in elevating the public conversation about “What IS the future of Community? 

The good news is, we feel we have figured a few things out! 

  • First things first. We are committed to earning your trust, and create a product legacy that we are proud of. Our NWREF mission: All projects we engage in must meet the 4”P” standard;  Good for Planet, People, Persons and Profit.

With Prefab construction now exceeding 30% on the East Coast, and respected entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet investing heavily in the industry, we feel that these sensible and efficient housing options will only grow in popularity in the coming years. We are thrilled to offer innovative and real-time Prefab solutions for starter homes, Section 8 housing, multi-family and traditional apartment rental projects, affordable contemporary custom homes, small co-housing communities and top-shelf modernist designer homes.

In partnership with some of the most respected prefab modular builders and architects in the industry NWREF is launching a series of sustainable and affordable green housing projects in California. As the development market rebounds, NWREF is being created as the investor/co-owner to assist management to create enlightened housing options for its clients, partners and the planet. NWREF will continue to present both individual and institutional investors a wide spectrum of GREEN development opportunities. All these transactions will be structured to provide a secure and predictable haven for investment capital. We at NewWest are looking for investors that seek not only above market returns, but also the added benefit of involvement in projects that improve the lives of all who are involved in them. 

SREF plans to invest in building both individual infill homes and a small development of these homes in select “destination” opportunity zones and retirement areas. Actual projects will depend on availability of joint venture land partners, zoning, demographics, and available development lots and tracks. A typical investment “turn” for NWREF on Prefab models will be 4-8 months, allowing for construction and sale. Individual and institutional investors will be invited to participate in specific projects that NewWest management identifies. Each will have its own distinctive appeal, risk/reward profile, and financial contribution commitment. Some will be short term (2-6 months), others longer (1-7 years); some will offer equity, others return (or hybrid return). 

We invite you to take a look at some of our unique product offerings in our Investment Opportunities section.

Ready to participate with us in The NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund experience? Join us in what promises to be an exciting debut for Prefab development as a “Main Street” capital investment product. 

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