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NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund

A Ground Floor “Green Fund” Building Investment Portfolio

We have created NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund (NWREF) as a chance to partner up with you and other people that are looking to invest for an above average return, choosing greener and more efficient forms of housing as profitable investment vehicles.
The good news is, we feel we have figured a few things out!

The NWREF mission must meet the 4”P” standard;  Good for Planet, People, Persons and Profit.

NWREF will continue to present both individual and institutional investors a wide spectrum of GREEN development opportunities. All these transactions will be structured to provide a secure and predictable haven for investment capital. We at NewWest are looking for investors that seek not only above market returns, but also the added benefit of involvement in projects that improve the lives of all who are involved in them.

With Prefab construction now exceeding 30% on the East Coast, and respected entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet investing heavily in the industry, we feel that   these sensible and efficient housing options will only grow in popularity in the coming years. We are thrilled to offer innovative and real-time Prefab solutions for starter homes, multi-family and traditional apartment rental projects, affordable contemporary custom homes, small co-housing communities and top-shelf modernist designer homes. Which of these investment paths appeal to you? (see investment preference list below)

NWREF plans to invest in building both individual infill homes and a small development of these homes in select “destination” opportunity zones and retirement areas. Actual projects will depend on availability of joint venture land partners, zoning, demographics, and available development lots and tracks. A typical investment “turn” for NWREF on Prefab models will be 4-8 months, allowing for construction and sale. Individual and institutional investors will be invited to participate in specific projects that NewWest management identifies. Each will have its own distinctive appeal, risk/reward profile, and financial contribution commitment. Some will be short term (2-6 months), others longer (1-7 years); some will offer equity, others return (or hybrid return).

Do you want to participate with us in The NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund experience? Join us in what promises to be an exciting debut for Prefab development as a “Main Street” capital investment product.

The NewWest management and construction team includes: NewWest Real Estate, NewWest Homes, Superior Construction and Eco-Designer Homes of California. We have been principals in the delivery and sale of Prefab housing since 2003 participating in the development of custom homes and communities. Our core management team has had a life long commitment to green housing, new models for community living, and an across the board passion for a better future for humanity and the earth. In partnership with some of the most respected prefab modular builders and architects in the industry NWREF is launching a series of sustainable and affordable green housing projects in California. As the market rebounds, NWREF is being created as the investor/co-owner to assist management to create enlightened housing options for its clients, partners and the planet.

NWREF Projects in Development

New Spirit Homes are custom designed, green, contemporary, and affordable. They can be entirely pre-engineered and pre-fabricated and delivered to site complete. Additionally, hybrid homes with large atrium living rooms can be added on site and prefab kitchen, bedroom, bathroom modules added. These unique and innovative designs can provide homes for up to 1/3 less cost and 2/3’s less building time than current competing designs in the marketplace. A New Spirit investment can be anywhere from a single home to a traditional development project of 30-100 homes. We expect to become a trusted and sought after “brand” for the modernist demographic.

Village In A Box is an affordable pre-designed system that provides turnkey independent & efficient, sustainable & harmonious communities. The Village In A Box system consists of twelve prefab cottages, a community house, a pre-engineered independent utility and communication system, the “Garden In A Box” food production system, and The “Village Social System” community development blueprint. This “Village In A Box” package of systems delivers a pre-engineered, pre-fabricated village for 12 to 24 residents. It features 10,000 sq ft of living space, a self-generated independent energy source, and an on-site food production. NWREF plans to build a pilot “village” in Southern California in 2015.

Pacific Parks Project builds on NewWest Home’s 10-year successful track record building luxury manufactured homes for the upscale coastal mobile home parks of Malibu and Ventura. New homes in these parks sell for $200-$400K. These parks are in neighborhoods where homes sell for $1-$2M or more. NWREF plans to create a dedicated fund to invest and build “spec” homes in these locales, when low cost lots or tear down older homes create a high profit opportunity.

Senior Care is a growing market offering great 3-6 year investment returns for larger institutional investors. Compassionate care, modular construction, and enlightened resident treatment make these 80-100 bed developments a true 4P opportunity for high net worth institutions and individuals. NWREF has assembled a great team of designers project and facility managers and partners. We are currently looking at plaint our first facility in greater Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Multi-Family Prefab takes the cost and speed of prefab and brings it to the best development opportunity today, rental properties. Many neighborhoods zoned for multi-family still have many older homes that can be replaced by prefab duplexes, quads and 8-plexes delivering units precisely priced to the comparable costs and rental rates. An investment in buying an older home can be reshaped into a steady stream of income that surpasses any other investment today.

Multi-Unit Prefab Rental joint ventures with established REIT on clean modern rental properties, using prefab technology to provide swift construction timelines and better quality affordable rental inventory. We are interested in Senior, Section 8, and Co-Housing projects, as well as traditional rental projects.

Eco-Designer Lindal Homes – With more than 50,000 homes built over the past 70 years, Lindal Cedar Homes pioneered green building and high quality system built homes. Their design leadership continues with the DWELL collection by Turkel designs, and the Lindal Architects Collaborative (LAC) a consortium of renowned North American architects (Marmol Radziner, Altius, and Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, and others). Using the legendary Lindal system and materials, Turkel and LAC have created an extensive selection of stunning and warm, modern designs. These designs are excellent potential “Show Homes”, drawing PR attention and brand recognition. NWREF sees a strong appetite for these brilliant models, and plans to pursue both one-off spec infill homes, as well as a small development of these homes with its partner, Eco Designer Homes of California. These projects will design and ship in two months, to be built onsite in 4-6 months.

NewWest Sustainable Real Estate Fund

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