NewWest Homes

NewWest Homes is a company located in Agoura Hills, California. The Company was created to provide individuals and professional builders with quality support for purchasing and installing all types of factory-built homes. The company began by using factory homes for its own building projects. This experience taught us that offering exceptional homes with fast and easy delivery and financing assistance helps customers achieve their dreams. We are successful when our customers are happy!

Phone: (818) 991-1660

The NewWest Difference

  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: We let our customers speak for us regarding customer service. Call us for the names of customers who can tell you directly what kind of service you can expect. We try to be the best.
  • FINANCING SUPPORT: We can help with installation or permanent financing. We know lenders experienced with factory housing. If you are a small builder or contractor we can assist by providing flexible financing, streamlined installation, and cost savings to make you wonder why you ever did it another way.
  • MORE CHOICES: We offer one of the largest selections of factory homes in California. If you find someone else who comes even close, please let us know.
  • DEVELOPER AND BUILDER SUPPORT: We are also community builders and we understand the building process. Builders can to save 20-30% on costs from the foundation up when compared with conventional methods, reduce 15 subcontractors to 2, obtain flexible financing, and reduce construction to an installation that takes days, not months. We are reinventing a method for building quality affordable homes in today’s world.
  • CUSTOM FACTORY HOMES: Whether you are a builder or an individual, few companies offer you the ability to design a home and then deliver it to be assembled on your site. These homes benefit from big savings over conventional methods as mentioned above, and a much simplified process. It puts you in control of your design for a small or large dream home, or a community of them.
  • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: If you are a builder or contractor, we can assist by providing cutting edge technology and practices that will make you a leader in converting to better methods and materials for homebuilding. Your homes will be able to answer the demand in the market for more sustainable products.

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